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Time Used


◆ Time Used is- Simplest app : to check how much time spent on your smartphone- Easiest app : just look at the notification bar- Lightest app : does not effect battery life.
◆ Scoop you who are addicted to mobile meaninglessly.
◆ We recommend “Time Used” to
> those who really want to be smart-man, not smart-phone-man.> those whose businesses or studies are disturbed by mobile. > those who start with iron will but fail to achieve their purpose due to mobile. > those who cut off relation with others unconsciously due to mobile> those who addicted with facebook, instagram, tumblr, kakaotalk and line about sns> those who addicted with clashofclan, boombeach, hit, about games
◆ Be productive and have fun.
◆ Use smart phone under your smart control to live your smart life such as time management, smartphone addiction prevention, any task needs to be concentrated and relax for your healthy.